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August Reads

August—the end of summer! And what a summer of seeing friends, traveling, visiting Target...I wish! I actually didn’t leave our apartment. Thank goodness for my Spanx shorts and some good books to keep me entertained. I read 15 books this month. My top five are...

Here for It: Or How to Save Your Soul in America, by R. Eric Thomas. I laughed uncontrollably through his autobiographical essays and I hope he isn’t scared when I move to Philly to be the best friend he didn’t know he needed.

Pretty Things, by Janelle Brown. This story of a con and her mark has some surprising twists and turns. People said it is too long, but I loved the slow build up. Takes place in Tahoe which I loved.

Oona Out of Order, by Margarita Montimore. Like the Time Travelers Wife, but with a young party girl. So inventive!

The Body in Question, by Jill Ciment. Two sequestered jurors have an affair and put a string of events into motion.

The Water Dancer, by Ta-Nehisi Coates. Believe the Oprah hype. It is that good.

Honorable mention: I read Jessica Simpson’s Open Book and here are my takeaways—she’s not that dumb and John Mayer is the dirtball we knew him to be.

Happy Reading!

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