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Simple Meal Planning

Boosts Immunity, Lowers Stress & Improves Your Mood

Many of my clients are finding it tough to stay on track with all the new challenges in their lives—home schooling kids, working from home, missing daily exercise routines, and higher stress levels.

While spending more time at home with access to the kitchen almost 24/7, planning what's in your cupboards is more important than ever. Grabbing a few chips or pretzels is ok, but for many it is difficult to stop once the bag is open. And when you are already feeling a bit down, a quick fix of cookies seems like the answer, but it will ultimately make you feel worse. Processed foods containing lots of simple carbs can cause significant blood sugar level swings that can drive anxiety and further lower your mood.

So, how do I make better food choices in a simple way?

Make a daily meal plan!

Don't leave anything to chance by stocking the kitchen with the right foods prepped and ready to eat.

Clear your Cupboards. If it’s not there, you can’t eat it. Enough said.

Plan for a Treat Night. Pick a day to enjoy your favorite foods once per week, but not all of your favorites at one time!

Cope without Food. Look for ways to manage your emotions that don’t involve food. Instead of snacking when you’re feeling down or bored, consciously substitute a healthier behavior like taking a walk, playing with a pet, phoning a friend, reading a novel, or anything else you find pleasurable.

Restrictions and changes in routine are challenging for everyone and can cause us to abandon the healthy routines we had in place. With a little planning you can make good food choices that can help keep your immune system strong and help you feel better. For a simple meal plan, click here! To learn more about immunity-boosting, anxiety-reducing foods, click here!

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