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Meet the people who feed The Feeder.

These brilliant content creators bring their expertise and passion to feed your mind, body and soul.



Creates playlists that set the mood for everything from Easter and Cinco de Mayo celebrations to dance parties and cocktails. 



Stacey distils all the complicated fitness and nutrition information out there to bring you simple tips for living fitter and healthier. She holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition and a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. 

Alison Shea.jpeg


An avid reader, who provides witty and wry commentary, Alison's eclectic suggestions run the gamut from best sellers to non-fiction tomes.

Ellie-The Big Blow


Beauty advisor Ellie, the owner of The Big Blow in Singapore, shares tips and advice to keep you looking and feeling amazing.

Amy & Devin.jpeg

Amy & Devin

Cocktail geniuses sharing what they are making right now and how to adapt what you have on hand.



A Shakespeare lover, vintage fiend & into all things glitter, Zelda is a recent Theatre and Communications graduate from Tulane University. Listen to her spooky podcast Across the Veil and look for her on stages and screens soon!



Coupling her passion for adventure and writing expertise, she is the brains behind, a travel site dedicated to off-beat small-ship cruising. She’s also co-founder of and co-author of Secret Singapore.

Alision Fry.jpeg

Alison F.

Social Media Manager

A recent George Washington University graduate in Marketing, Ali speaks Mandarin and English, loves baking, make-up videos, and the colour purple.

Her social media consulting practice works with small brands to creatively raise their visibility.



A certified executive coach, naturally good listener and mother of two. Sara's coaching practice Plan Creatively focuses on helping women redefine for themselves what it means to be a success. 

She's also an accomplished & creative event planner sharing themed entertaining ideas.



The Cinnamon Room's owner and designer, Visha believes you can create beauty and showcase your personality with simple touches in your home. 

Past Contributors

These lovely Feeders have taken a break from contributing, but their content is still available on the site.

Kate: A Behavioural Health Counselor at Tucker Health in Singapore, Kate provides advice on de-stressing and staying positive under unusual circumstances.

Heather: When she's not running Diva Productions, Heather culls through all the amazing arts lists, videos, virtual tours, and productions choosing the best of the best, so you don't have to.

Cynthia: A global nomad who finally settled in Portland, OR, a few years ago, Cynthia loves the outdoors, books, music, and a good cocktail. She combines these last three in The Goods.

Carla: We wouldn't have a website without Carla, who offers tech support and encouragement. She's also an accomplished runner, who shares her tips for staying in shape, along with motivational playlists. 

Eliza: A rising senior studying communications, anthropology and Spanish at American University. She loves video editing, traveling, trying new recipes, and running.

Bennett: A second year student at Colorado College majoring Film & Media Studies and Mandarin. He enjoys going to concerts on weekends and long naps in the afternoons. 

Sarah: A licensed counsellor and psychotherapist at International Counselling & Psychology Centre in Singapore, she specialises in supporting families, children & young adults. In her free time she enjoys travel and exploring other cultures.

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