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Alison's May Reads

Updated: Jul 7, 2020

By The Feeder Books Contributor Alison Shea

My most exciting occurrence in May was a dentist appointment(!) so I had lots of reading time. I read 13 books and they were all pretty much amazing; it was hard to pick favorites.

Bob Iger’s book, The Ride of a Lifetime, was my winner this month; an absolute page turner and proof that good guys do finish first sometimes.

Other gems were Pretty as a Picture—a thriller with a quirky heroine; Big Summer—a summer book with a perfect heroine, and Sea Wife, a family on a boat for a year with a reluctant heroine. Nobody does dysfunctional adult family relationships better than Emma Straub in All Adults Here. Don’t miss Killers of the Flower Moon, a nonfiction book about the systematic murder of the Osage Indians that DiCaprio and Scorsese are turning into a movie. Finally, Valentine will break your heart; set in 1970s Texas and not enough has changed since then.

We have more reading suggestions here.

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