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Beyond Board Games

Home restaurants and Lego Masters contests keep one Singapore family busy indoors.

Nilam has two boys ages seven and 12. "When CB* started my husband and I thought it would be fun to do restaurant style dining at home. The first week my boys surprised me by dressing up as waiters and setting up the dining area as a restaurant. Over the next few weeks we did a tasting menu, canapés, and a beach themed dinner."

"A few weeks ago my boys binge-watched Lego Masters and were inspired to create their own. They came up with categories, scoring and setup the den for the competition. It was a three-day event with five builds and they did an amazing job. Hubbie and I were judges and had a fun time inspecting the Legos!"

* Circuit Breaker or CB is the term introduced by Singapore Prime Minister Lee in early April. It means hunkering down at home in order to break the chain of transmissions of Covid-19 in the community.

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