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Book 21 in 2021!

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Barely into 2021 and Alison is already up to book number 21! To see her latest recommendations, follow her on Instagram at theextrovertedbookworm.

The Boy in the Field

by Margot Livesey

Alison's Score 8/10

Here's the Deal

Three teenage siblings find an injured boy in a field while walking home from school. The aftermath changes all of them in different ways.

What Made Me Want to Stay Home & Read

This was a great coming of age, slightly suspenseful novel. Each sibling was well drawn and their relationship with one another was lovely. This book decisively wrapped up for me, which I also really liked. Added bonu—a really smart and intuitive dog that of course this crazy dog lady loved!

What Made Me Want to Watch Bravo Instead

I didn’t love some of the decisions that the daughter made. I found the parents’ characters a little opaque, but I think that was appropriate as this book was from the children’s perspective and how well do children really know their parents’ characters?

I would definitely recommend this one—it is a short quick read! Thanks for the recommendation @jchavetta!

Happy Reading!

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