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Book #66 Scores 10/10

Updated: May 18, 2021

Nearly halfway through 2021 and Alison is on track for nearly three books per week!

She rates book #66 an almost unheard of 10/10. To see her latest recommendations, follow her on Instagram @theextrovertedbookworm.

Early Morning Riser

by Katherine Heiny

Alison's Score 10/10

Here's the Deal

Please stop what you’re doing and get this book. The story of Jane and Duncan and their family, which includes sweet developmentally disabled Jimmy will touch your heart and make you laugh uproariously. Second grade teacher Jane is in love with Duncan, who is the ladies man of their small Michigan town. She soon accepts that life with Duncan includes his ex wife, her quirky husband, and a host of unforgettable characters. The book spans 17 years in which she learns that families come in all different forms.

What Made Me Want to Stay Home & Read

I was reading this in public and had to put it down because I was laughing so loudly. I highlighted so many incredibly funny and well crafted phrases throughout the book like: “ Why, that’s—wonderful,” Frieda said in the uncertain tone people use when setting up Wi-Fi networks.” And “They finished cleaning the kitchen in that tiresome way that you clean someone else’s kitchen, when you know you won’t be there to enjoy the fruits of your labor.” The scene of Jane’s field trip to a less than ideal farm had me rolling. In addition to the humor, the insights and dialogue are so spot on.

What Made Me Want to Watch Bravo Instead

Nothing. I felt despondent when I saw I was 97% of the way done and was about to finish the book. I read it as slowly as I could, savoring each fabulous sentence. If you haven’t read her other book Standard Deviation, I highly recommend that too, but I liked this one more.

Happy Reading!

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