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Caramelized Onions

Keep a big jar of carmelized onions in the fridge to add a deep, savoury-sweet flavour to salads, wraps, and sandwiches. Toss them into eggs. Warm them a little and top simple steamed broccoli or carrots and you’ll take bland to amazing in seconds!


4 large yellow/brown onions

3 Tablespoons olive oil

To Make

Peel and thinly slice 4 onions. Once your eyes have stopped watering, heat 3 tablespoons olive oil in a large deep skillet or pot. You want to have a little room for the onions to move around. Add onions to the pot and heat over a low-medium heat, stirring so they don’t stick. As they start to slightly soften, turn the heat down to low. If the onions start to stick or become very dry at this point, add a little water to the pot, you can keep adding a little water to keep them from sticking if necessary. When you add water, scrape up the yummy brown bits from the bottom of the pot. Keep stirring over a low heat until the onions turn a golden caramel color. This can take 30 minutes or longer depending on the amount of onions and their sugar content.

Cool and store in a glass jar in the fridge for up to one week.

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