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Create a Bedroom Sanctuary

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Creating a bedroom sanctuary to relax, have a good night's sleep, or snuggle up with a loved one is necessary to nourish your soul. We asked Visha Nelson from the Cinnamon Room for some bedroom styling tips.

I love traveling and staying in my favourite hotels abroad. Since I'm not travelling these days, I created some easy tips to get that luxe feeling right at home. When you take a little time to create a sanctuary space, you'll always have a happy place to retreat.

Headboard. A tall upholstered headboard adds so much character to a bedroom, invest in one to rest against for a softer, luxurious feeling.

Linens & Pillows. Dress your bed in clean, crisp, white sheets and linens. Then add cushions to make it more stylish and inviting to climb into for a good night's rest.

Rug. A rug perfectly frames the bed and adds a little touch of rich texture to your floors. Choose a light coloured rug against darker floors or a darker rug on lighter floors to make it stand out.

Lighting. Ambient bedside lighting does the trick to create cosy spaces. If you have a tall headboard dare to go big with your bedside lamps.

Tables. Side tables with storage keep your bed area neat and uncluttered—essential for a better night’s sleep.

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