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Dreaming of Paris...London...and Melbourne

This week, Arts Contributor Heather from Diva Productions is dreaming of Paris...and London...and Melbourne.

Sing'Theatre streams a 90-minute concert of Edith Piaf classics in their La Vie En Rose! production from 2015. Available until 14 June.

Some globally renown, wildly popular museums offer virtual tours of their collections, so pop the kettle on, settle into the sofa, and gear up for a seriously enlightening few hours.

The British Museum. Get up close and personal with art and artefacts including the Rosetta Stone (left).

National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, offers a few different tours including something for contemporary art lovers—a Keith Haring/Jean-Michel Basquiat collaboration called Crossing Lines.

Looking for more virtual arts, theatre, and things to feed your soul? Click here!

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