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Fur Ball Joy

Some days we all just need a good snuggle and pets never disappoint. Do you have a fur-baby at your house that you're completely in love with? Share a photo and tell us a little bit about him or her. Send it to


7-month-old Havanese ‘silk dog’ from Havana, Cuba

Human mom. Nicola Christison

Funniest behavior. She loves to bound into bed in the morning with a full body waggle, body one direction and tail in the other, to snuffle around under our chins to say good morning.

Most endearing trait. She loves to be where I am, following me from room to room when I’m at home. If she could talk, I’m sure she would be saying ‘wait for me, I’m coming too!’

For me my pet is a joy to be with. I love her affectionate, playful nature, the soothing effect of rubbing her soft coat and the cute prancing spring in her walk.


2-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback

Human mom. Jayne Nadarajoo @Melbourne Specialist International School

Funniest behavior. Chasing squirrels and always being hungry — loves Greek yogurt and homemade pumpkin oatmeal cookies!

Most endearing trait. He loves to be around us and is always happy to see us.

For me my pet is a blessing as he gives much joy.

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Travel writer & heritage buff Heidi Sarna is the co-founder of travel site about unusual and small-ship cruising; co-founder of Bike-A-Local Singapore, offering self-guided heritage-themed cycle rides based on the book Heidi co-wrote, Secret Singapore.

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