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Give Yourself a Brain Break

by Bennett Okun The internet is full of weird and wacky websites. Let us be your digital guides for a 15-minute brain break. Dive into the beautiful place that is the internet, who knows you might just find your next favourite happy place!

Live Webcams

Live webcams are a great way to escape from your living room without having to pack a bag. From a nest of Osprey’s in Caledonia to literally watching grass grow, the internet is full of cool and exciting live feeds. Below are some of our favourites, click any yellow link to view.

*Note: If there isn't much activity when you click, check the time might need to try a different time of day.

Random Websites

World Domination, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Baking Grandmas? Yes Please! To play Cookie Clicker, simply click the giant cookie as much as you can. There’s no rhyme, reason, or purpose. Just mindless clicking. Sounds bizarre, but it's truly relaxing.

When you get sick of scrolling through your Facebook feed and you want to procrastinate a little bit more, the Bored Button is a great way to stay entertained. Start by clicking the red button to be taken to a fun website, if you get bored there click the button again and again and again…

Feeling a bit nostalgic? Want to jump into the ocean or the pool? Pick one of the five radio channels or one of the four mixtapes on PoolsideFM. This stripped-down, very old-fashioned website even has nostalgia video footage for a 70s vibe. Sit back and let the chill vibes roll.

Expand your musical horizons with Music Map, an interactive family tree for songs! Zoom in to the main chart, click a genre to read all about its history and influence on other types of music. Each genre also has a playlist of ten songs to help you discover new artists and sounds. Have fun going down this musical rabbit hole!

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