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Our Pets, Our Joy #2

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

There is nothing like a little puppy (or kitty) love to make you feel great. Spending time with your pets can be a great way to take care of your emotional and physical health. A little snuggle is the perfect pick-me-up on a tough day and taking a furry friend for a brisk walk definitely counts as exercise!

Heidi Sarna continues collecting photos and tributes to our furry friends.


1.5-year-old Welsh Terrier

Human dad. Matt Hannafin

Funniest behavior. Like all Welsh Terriers, she tends to melt out of her bed 'til she's almost entirely on the floor, with just her butt and hind legs up on the cushioning.

Most endearing trait. Her favorite place is resting in my lap with her front legs hugging my right arm and her head hanging over my elbow.

For me, my pet is my constant companion; my protector against squirrels, teenagers, and mailmen; the creature I look to for a quick reassurance that even though life is not OK right now, life is still OK.


2-year-old rescue cat

Human mom. Alicia Dunlop

Funniest behavior. He is known for his antics. He climbs on top of my cabinets when trying to get my attention.

Most endearing trait. He loves to snuggle. Even when he’s not on me, he likes to be close enough for a soft pat with his paw.

For me, my pet is comfort, stress relief, entertainment, and love.

If you've got a pet that you'd like featured, please email us a photo.

Travel writer & heritage buff Heidi Sarna is the co-founder of travel site about unusual and small-ship cruising; co-founder of Bike-A-Local Singapore, offering self-guided heritage-themed cycle rides based on the book Heidi co-wrote, “Secret Singapore” (March 2021).

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