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Practice Self Compassion

Kate Park, a Behavioral Therapist at Tucker Health in Singapore, offers quick tips for how to care for yourself while riding out emotional ups and downs.

When you’re dealing with a rollercoaster of emotions, be mindful of the expectations you place on yourself. Are you operating in this environment with the same expectations you always have? If you are, how does that make sense? Give yourself a break. Be kind to yourself.

Try taking 10 minutes alone. Tune in with mediation, yoga, a catnap—whatever you need to reset. Consider it a personal time-out.

Check in and ask, what’s going on in the moment? Am I clenching my jaw? What am I thinking? What is another way of looking at it? Can I look at another perspective?

Challenge your own mindset and look at the situation through a different lens. If you are still frustrated, you probably haven’t looked at an alternative way of characterising the situation.

Keep in mind that some days may be better than others—that’s fine. Treat yourself gently and give yourself the space you need to handle the emotions you are feeling.

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