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Alison's March Reads

Updated: May 12, 2020

No matter where she is, Alison is the life of the party with her positive energy and contagious smile. 

Alison: I read about 10-15 books a month and these were my favorite from March. They all happen to be fiction, which I think is right for this difficult time when we all just need an escape. Happy Reading!

We Wish You Luck

by Caroline Zancan

This book is told by a Greek chorus, but even without a dedicated individual narrator, the individual characters come through loud and clear in this story about an MFA program, a death and revenge. A slow boil to the finish, but I absolutely loved it.

Writers and Lovers

by Lily King

Amazing story! Casey, a struggling writer is stuck at 31 waiting tables and drowning in debt. Her mother has died unexpectedly and she’s just been crushed by a failed romance. Sounds depressing, but it's really a hopeful uplifting book with a happy ending. 

A Good Neighborhood

by Theresa Ann Fowler

A heart pounding book of what happens when two different families live next to each other.

Explores race, class and love. I cried at the end. Unforgettable characters.

Minor Dramas and Other Catastrophes

by Kathleen West

Put this on your must read list. Contrasting viewpoints of teachers and parents at a typical high-stress American high school. I loved this one!


by Michael Christie

This multi-generational, well-written saga skips between 2038 and 1908 with trees as the central plot point. All the chapters and characters build on the others. Sounds weird, but I think it will be in my top ten this year.

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