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Scavenger Hunt!

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Special Correspondent Alison just graduated from George Washington University (Congratulations Ali!!) with a degree in marketing. She speaks Mandarin and English, loves baking, make-up videos, and the colour purple.

She is looking for a job in NY or DC...anyone with leads, please reach out:

During the circuit breaker*, I've had lots of fun connecting with friends over Zoom for virtual bingo and trivia game nights. Within these games there were some scavenger hunt-like challenges giving me the idea for a stand-alone, family-friendly scavenger hunt.

I've created a list of 35 things to do/find. Try the hunt with your immediate family or expand the fun over video and compete with other households. All you need is your phone and a good eye.

Use your phone to take photos of the objects or to web search stuff. First person to come up with the object, wins a point. Most points at the end of the game wins. For younger kids, try breaking the list into sections for a few nights of fun. Try customizing it for your own family and friends by including familiar objects and inside jokes. Get creative and have fun!

Scavenger Hunt

  1. Take a selfie wearing a mask

  2. Find your favorite food

  3. Find a book that’s title starts with “C”

  4. Take a photo with your favorite circuit breaker snack and drink

  5. Find a new recipe to try during circuit breaker

  6. Find a plant

  7. Find something that has wheels

  8. Find a place that you want to visit once circuit breaker is over

  9. Take a picture of your most worn clothing item

  10. Find hand sanitizer

  11. Find something that floats

  12. Find something that is green

  13. Take a selfie with something you are thankful for

  14. Find something that is purple

  15. Find something that makes you laugh

  16. Take a photo in a mirror

  17. Find something that helps keep you fit

  18. Take a selfie wearing sunglasses

  19. Find something cold

  20. Find something mismatched

  21. Find something you are proud of

  22. Take a selfie wearing a hat

  23. Find something red

  24. Find something soft

  25. Find a baby picture of yourself

  26. Find an animal (stuffed or alive)

  27. Put on lipstick and take a selfie

  28. Find something older than you

  29. Find a ball

  30. Take a picture of yourself doing a funky pose

  31. Find a flip flop

  32. Take a picture of yourself wearing the shoes you miss wearing the most

  33. Find something you created

  34. Find something that you can break

  35. Find something that starts with “V”

* Circuit Breaker or CB is the term introduced by Singapore Prime Minister Lee in early April. It means hunkering down at home in order to break the chain of transmissions of Covid-19 in the community.

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