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Simple 2-Day Meal Plan

Restrictions and changes in routine are challenging for everyone and can cause us to abandon many healthy routines we had in place. But, with a little planning you can make good food choices that can help keep your immune system strong and help you feel better. Here's a sample simple two-day meal plan to help you understand the types of healthy, simple combinations that will fill you up and keep you going.

Day 1

Breakfast: Avo smash on sourdough with a poached egg Lunch: Minestrone soup with lots of veggies and a small side of spinach salad with a little chopped prosciutto

Dinner: Pan seared salmon with a garlic and ginger veggie stir fry *Bonus if you can add a side of kimchi!

Day 2

Breakfast: Steel cut oats w/flaxseed, cinnamon, berries and a dollop of Greek yogurt

Lunch: Kale salad base dressed with simple olive oil, lemon, salt & pepper topped with roasted, diced sweet potato and chicken

Dinner: Black bean quesadillas with salsa and guacamole chopped salad

Great Snacks to Keep on Hand

  • Red pepper sticks and hummus

  • Greek yogurt and berries

  • A handful of almonds and/or a piece of fruit

  • A cup of green tea and a mandarin orange

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