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Summer Reads

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

Escaping into a long read on a lazy summer day is sheer bliss. "I associate summer with PILES of books from the library (as a kid) and a longer than usual aspirational-to-read pile next to my bed!" says Kim.

We asked The Feeder community for some of their favourite summer books. For other great reads check out The Feeder Book Nook. Cocktailing@Home contributor Amy casts way back to The Thorn Birds as an all-time favorite. "I still haven’t found the perfect Ashes of Roses dress yet."

Nikki fondly recalls The Mists of Avalon. "I read it when I was on a dive trip in the British Virgin Islands. Part of why it was so memorable is that I was having a great time with my friends AND the book was gripping. I think it was the first time since I was a kid that I was somewhere and thinking ALL the GOOD things are here."

Book Nook contributor Alison says, "The best summer books are anything from Elin Hilderbrand! She publishes one a year and they usually take place on Nantucket. They are so well written with great characters. She wrote her first historical novel last year Summer of ‘69 and I was lucky to have her sign a copy for me! (left) Her new book 28 Summers is being released on 16 June and I can’t wait to read it!"

Travel writer Heidi says, "Ann Patchett’s Run has been a jenga block in my bedside table book tower for a while and I finally picked it up a few weeks ago after finishing and loving Bel Canto. Like her other books, Run is elegant and evocative. Its narrative about race and privilege is a topical one these days, and Patchett gracefully weaves a multi-faceted story about one family’s unfolding drama and its well intentioned characters, at times both loving and misguided."

"My summer read is Verity by Colleen Hoover. It's a super-quick and thrilling read that is impossible to put down!! What I enjoy most about Verity is the plot twists. It's a great mindless book, but at the same time an intriguing read. It is truly the perfect mix of romance, mystery, and unexpectedness," says Summer Contributor Alison F. As for me, one summer my mom and I took a mystery authors class together at The Smithsonian Institution. I got completely hooked on Sue Grafton's alphabet series and read all that were available from A is for Alibi to L is for Lawless. And continued to look forward to books as she published them.

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