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Tricks to Tame Spooky Hair

One of the biggest challenges for women, and even some men, living smack-bang on the equator (Hello, Singapore!), or during the summer months in other places, is the scary level of humidity and how it frighteningly affects our hair. Let's discuss.

Healthy Hair Frizzes Less

First, and foremost, is to keep your hair in the best condition possible. If your hair is damaged, it means you are already starting at a disadvantage. When hair is damaged, the cuticles, which are like scales on the hair, open making the hair look and feel rough and coarse. When you're in humidity, the cuticles open allowing moisture to penetrate the shaft breaking the hydrogen bonds and causing the hair to swell and frizz.

Product, Product, Product!

Products are critical for hair care. They help to create a protective coating over the strands acting as a barrier between your hair and the weather. Look for anti-humectant products that smooth the cuticle, form a protective coating over the strands, add definition to curls and seal split-ends.

I recommend using both leave-in treatment conditioners and heavier moisturising masks, because a little weight in the hair works well to tamp it down. If a heavy product makes your hair look limp and lifeless, take heart, professional brands make hybrid products such as the Weightless Hydrating Mask by Moroccan Oil, which delivers deep conditioning without weighing your hair down. I also think having a little length in the hair really helps by giving it weight—bonus, you've got more styling options.

Embrace Your Curls & Waves

With the right products, you can tame natural curls and waves without trying to straighten them. I have curly hair myself, so I've perfected a technique I never stray from. First, I brush my hair out prior to washing it. I use a very moisturising shampoo and conditioner, rinse it out and then don't comb it again. Combing the wet hair out causes the curls to separate and free. Next I add on a curl-enhancing or defining leave-in conditioner with a little styling product in it, or I use two separate products and combine before applying. Finally, I dry my hair with a diffuser just for a minute and then let the rest dry naturally.

Beautiful Blow-Out

Want a more polished look? Get a professional blow out! There's a reason why a professional blow out always looks much better, this is what the stylists do! But, to be more technical, someone else working your hair from above is always going to be able to lift up and stretch the roots much better than you can yourself. More importantly, the angle of the hairdryer pointing down the hair shaft, helps smooth and seal the cuticle. And finally, someone else will be guaranteed to blow your hair 100% dry. This is actually one of the most important factors in keeping the frizz down. Moisture attracts moisture. So, even the slightest amount of moisture left in the hair will attract more moisture which = frizz.

It takes a bit of work to tame scary hair, but it can be done and the results are so worth it!

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